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Pre-School Ballet & Tap Combination Class

This class includes an introduction to primary level ballet work and tap dancing steps. The class goals are for the student to develop coordination, flexibility, rhythm, body awareness, and to discover that movement is fun.




Emphasis on correct placement and carriage of the body is stressed along with the instilling of a good spirit in each student. Classical ballet is the foundation of all dance movement and is the most important subject to be studied.




This class is a continuation of classical ballet studied and is only offered to selected students in the junior and senior dance company. Work on pointe begins after the students has completed a satisfactory amount of ballet but never before the age of 10 as the feet are still soft and malleable and cannot take the strain and stress of pointe work without injury.




Survey of tap dance techniques from early soft shoe to advanced contemporary Broadway routines. Emphasis is on clear tap sounds, rhythm, and showmanship.



Jazz/hip hop

Various styles and moods in jazz from hip hop to Broadway musical theatre dance are presented in this class. The class emphasizes the mastery of correct technique and proper body alignment designed to increase body strength and flexibility. Stylized jazz walks, turns, and leaps are added as the student advances.




Mini-Company Prerequisite     

1 year of ballet, tap, and jazz level 3

1 year of ballet, tap, and jazz level 4



Junior Company Prerequisite

2-3 years in the Mini-Company and audition



Senior Company

2-3 years in the Junior Company and audition



Please Note that all classes at On Your Toes are based on levels. Students coming from other studio's must be evaluated by the instructor before being placed.